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City Of New Orleans-Disparity Study

TVG served as a sub-contractor for the City of New Orleans Disparity Study.  The firm assisted in developing a comprehensive inventory of City of New Orleans contracts for a 5-year period to determine the levels of participation of DBE, minority and women owned business in the CNO contract process. As part of the study’s discovery process, TVG conducted one-on one-interviews and surveys with the targeted contractor/sub-contractor population, facilitated focus groups with various types of organizations including business chambers, associations and City Department heads. TVG also organized and hosted two public meetings in different locations in the City to obtain data on public opinion of the City’s contract process. Data compilation provided a particular challenge in this project as several years of the study period had no City managed database compiling contracts and payout associated with those contracts.  TVG was required to manually generate a database from hardcopy records of contracts, invoices and payment checks prior to analyzing the contract process.

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GEAUXNOLA-RideSharing Program (New Orleans Regional Planning Commission -NORPC) 

Prime Consultant to conduct an evaluation of the need for a ridesharing program, inform citizens, employers of the GreenRide website and develop an innovative marketing and outreach strategy to expand the ridesharing program in NORPC region. Identify and address challenges among commuters in the region. In 2011, NORPC increased its suite of travel demand management (TDM) techniques with the addition of a commuter assistance program, GreenRide Connect, a web-based rideshare matching service.

The GreenRide Connect service was launched in an effort to supplement the regional public transit system and to develop an innovative strategy to reduce Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) trips, Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) in order to improve air quality and manage peak congestion and connect the carless unemployed population to employment opportunities.  

New Orleans International Airport (MSY) Terminal Expansion Project

Co-Authored Chapter 5: Environmental Consequence of New Orleans International Airport (MSY) Terminal Expansion Project.   This section addressed the socioeconomic impacts, environmental justice, and children’s environmental health and safety risks associated with the proposed terminal expansion at the New Orleans International Airport MSY.  Determined whether any Coastal recourses, farmlands and minority or low income population is disproportionately adversely impacted by the federally funded actions.  Assessed potential impacts such as relocation of residences or businesses, any disruption in local traffic patterns, public transportation hardships, increased aircraft noise, visual aesthetics emission levels, and any action causing a disproportionate risk to children’s health and safety, Cultural/Community, Socio-economic impacts as well as determined the Significant Impact Threshold.

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Eastern New Orleans Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

Authored recommendations regarding neighborhood cleanup initiatives, civic engagement strategies, architectural and landscape design standards and drafted building designs concepts and proposed zoning regulations for East New Orleans.

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Neighborhood Planning, Economic Development, Public Outreach and Engagement (East New Orleans Neighborhood Advisory Commission, Fast Forward Restart New Orleans and Broadmoor Development Corporation)

Programmed and facilitated meetings, workshops, and seminars with residents, businesses, corporations, and industries.  This experience involved the drafting of meeting procedures and the compilation of meeting data and development of assessment reports. Based on stakeholder input, she identified economic development opportunities and challenges and authored Eastern New Orleans Neighborhood Revitalization Plan recommendations regarding neighborhood cleanup and civic engagement strategies and architectural and landscape design standards. Corinne has also helped mobilize and unite Eastern New Orleans neighborhood support for small business development. This work has involved the preparation of materials and tools marketing the community as a place of growth and potential.  

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Land Use Regulation Toolkit (Foundation for Louisiana)

Assisted in drafting this user-friendly toolkit, which is designed to educate citizens, property owners, small business owners and practitioners about the relevance and importance of the city codes, policies, and planning.  

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Land Use and Zoning (City Planning Commission, New Orleans, LA)

Assisted with the processing of conditional use, subdivision, and variance requests for the City Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Adjustments.  This work entailed the evaluation of GIS data and maps to determine consistency of proposed projects with the New Century New Orleans Master Plan. She also represented the City Planning Commission at various community planning and inter-governmental meetings focused on recovery efforts.  

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21st Century New Orleans 2023 Master Plan (New Orleans, LA)

Assisted with the drafting of the land use and physical facilities Master Plan sections. She performed special area and sector studies and researched special issues.  She was also instrumental in developing and implementing community involvement strategies. As a City Planning Commission representative, she also attended inter-governmental meetings with local and state representatives.  Through community engagement, she helped identify neighborhood conditions and develop priorities for improvements with guidelines and conceptual plans.  

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Capital Improvement Program (CIP) (New Orleans, LA)

Assisted the Planning Administrator in developing the 2009-2013 CIP by evaluating 80 neighborhood parks designated by the Park, Recreation, and Open Space Plan.  For this task she participated in public hearings with city agencies and made recommendations regarding city property acquisitions and dispositions. 


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Public Facilities and Streets Recovery Projects (New Orleans, LA)

Coordinated meetings with city agencies and project managers for projects requiring City Planning Commission review. She also helped develop a certification system to ensure project compliance with the New Orleans Master Plan.  This system was instrumental in improving the City Planning Commission’s management of improvement projects requiring design review and zoning variance requests.   


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Main Street Revitalization (New Orleans, LA)

Assisted with the revitalization plans for St. Roch and St. Claude Avenues and other streetscape projects.  A key effort during involvement with these projects was the development of a New Orleans citizen participation program. 

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Lafitte Greenway (New Orleans, LA) 

Served as City Planning Commission representative to the Lafitte Greenway Steering Committee where she developed strategies to convert a former rail corridor into a bike path and greenway.  Based on data collected from meetings with community groups, government agencies, and businesses, she developed a report with recommendations addressing land use and resources surrounding the Greenway.  


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Veterans Affairs Medical Center/Louisiana State University Medical Center VAMC/LSUMC (New Orleans, LA)

Served as a liaison between the public and the City Planning Commission during efforts to develop a building moratorium for the proposed VAMC/LSUMC site. 


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